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Katie Abey Cup of Kindness

Katie Abey Cup of Kindness

Katie Abey Cup of Kindness


The Cup of Kindness is here!Compassion is a super power, and this mug will remind you to be kinder to yourself and others too :)The world needs more kindness, and this ceramic mug is adorned with illustrations of weird and wonderful characters proclaiming positivity and self acceptance.

10oz - standard mug size. (The diameter of the brim measures approx 8cm)
Ethically produced.
Designed and printed in the UK.

Care instructions:
Microwave safe
Dishwasher safe, but I would recommend hand washing where possible to keep the print vibrant and working at its full courageous potential!


About The Maker


In this shop you will find a bunch of unusual and quirky things for you and your home. Everything is packed with happiness, wittiness, masses of motivation and a serious sprinkling of llamas, dinosaurs and cats. All of the artwork is created by serial nap taker and Mother of Cat, Katie Abey. Katie works hard at pouring oodles of fun and imagination into everything she creates and does a new illustration every single day.

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